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bgMaker is a free web application to build awesome repeating background images. Just a few clicks and you can create your own background image without any grapic programms.

Some time ago:
Open a new image (12px X 12px), selection tool and some nice colors, save, upload to webspace or development server, refresh web browser (maybe delete cash, restart browser)…
Mmmmm, this looks ugly…

Go back to graphic programm and continue the infinite loop. The in Flash written bgMaker solve this stupid time-consuming process. Draw your background online and see the output in real-time.
Pretty cool. ;-)

If you need inspiration or already complete background images, have a look at bgmaker gallery.

Who use repeating background images?

  • Ubuntu

  • Canonical

  • Aurgasm

  • Full Frontal

Some of them do their backgrounds with CSS and JavaScript.

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