How to Upgrading Dokuwiki

The newest Release Candidate named »Angua RC1« was released on 2011-11-10. Let's upgrade.

      Release Candidate 2011-11-10 “Angua RC1”
      Release 2011-05-25a “Rincewind”
      Release 2011-05-25 “Rincewind”
      Release 2010-11-07a “Anteater”
      Release 2009-12-25c “Lemming”
      Release 2009-02-14b
      Release 2008-05-05
      Release 2007-06-26
      Release 2006-11-06
      Release 2006-03-09
      Release 2006-03-05
      Release 2005-09-22
      Release 2005-09-19
      Release 2005-07-13
      Release 2005-07-01

It's adjuvant to read Changelog | in German. The previous page contains a summary of changes between the official DokuWiki releases, only the biggest changes are listed there.
Notice: This blog entry is just a summary of Upgrading | in German.

Checklist for Upgrading Dokuwiki

  1. First of all make a backup of your whole Dokuwiki. (FTP or SSH)
  cp -a /path/to/wiki/ /path/to/wikibackup 
  1. Download the newest Dokuwiki Release Candidate and unpack the file.
  2. Remove /install.php
  3. Overwrite your Installation with the unpacked Release Candidate.
  4. Remove no longer used files: Files to remove.
  5. Update also Plugins and the Template you're using.


If you encounter some inconsistencies in DokuWiki's behaviour after upgrading, you should delete the cache files in data/cache/. You should make sure your browser hasn't cached old stylesheets or JavaScript by forcing a reload (Shift-F5 or Ctrl-Shift-R in most browsers).

Related pages that might apply:

  • updatecheck – if update notifications persist
  • toolbar – Quickbuttons and JavaScript problems
  • searchindex – if search box gives you no result
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