// Sprite Safari

Sprites are a combination of two ore more graphics. They make your webite load faster and avert terrible crossover effect in logos or navibuttons. Have a look at The logo is fading out when you mouseover it. The background image change and your browser loads the hover one. In this time you see nothing. You also save HTTP-requests and KB's:

2 HTTP-requests, 6.4 KB

1 HTTP-request, 6.1KB

You save about 0.3 KB and 1 HTTP-requests. If you combinate more graphics, you will safe more KB's and HTTP-requests. ;-)

How to use?

// Tileable - free patterns

Since I read »Smashing Magazine The Whys And The Hows Of Textures In Web Design« I dealt with textures and patterns. I've ever used patterns. They're easy to create and not so work extensive. Of course, patterns can also be extensive. Everythink can be extensive! But in comparison with textures, they're.
I like selfmade thinks. But you don't have to reinvent the wheel! Fortunately, there is Tileable. Tileable includes 6 amazing pattern packs for free.

// Trendy Hand-drawn Fonts

You don't want to use every time these boring default fonts. Here's a list with »Trendy Hand-drawn Fonts«. A modern web design can't live without cool fonts. They make your design more alive and activate your users to read your content.

// Dokuwiki Template Scanlines

Dokuwiki is a fantastic wiki engine, but there is no template which is blindingly easy. You always have to edit some css or html-files and not everyone is able to do this. So I created a template, named Scanlines which is very easy. You just install it and it work's. You don't have to edit anything else as your stuff. You can do it all in the template configuration. For example adding some navibuttons or style your own logo. Have fun! ;-)


  • responsive web design (Tablet PCs, Smartphones)
  • sidebar (many options)
  • create your own navigation
  • logo (image or text)
  • top link with rocket (have a look at ToDo & Bugs)
  • 16 languages (have a look at ToDo & Bugs, too)
  • some more stuff …


Hello World!
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